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Eating for Fat Loss

Do you need to lose weight? Have you known this for a long time? Maybe you have tried tactics that made you feel exhausted, weak, hungry or helpless.

I do not know anyone who has “gone on a diet” and then kept the weight off.

Not a single person…

The only people I know of who have become slim and healthy focused on eating for fat loss, then created these long-term habits for themselves.

Eating for fat loss?

Eating for fat loss sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?

If overeating makes you overweight, then why would you focus on eating for fat loss? It is like fighting for peace, or fornicating for virginity isn’t it?

Most failed weight loss techniques involve tactics that are difficult to follow and are unsustainable:

  • Counting calories or points for different portions of food. Then recording these as you estimate the weight, or actually weigh how many grams are in each portion. Does that sound like something that you will keep doing for the rest of your life?
  • Getting up early in the morning for a run before breakfast even though you are a “night owl” and find it hard to wake up in the mornings.
  • Going to the gym three times a week with a “Drill Sergeant” type fitness instructor who pushes you so hard that you regularly feel like vomiting and/or feinting.
  • Only drinking weight loss shakes and diet bars, and only 3 per day…

There are many more examples that we can think of, but the bottom line is:

What is not sustainable will not be sustained.

Eating for fat loss

Real, lasting change might take willpower and effort in the beginning whilst new habits are formed, but the real change is permanent.

We all hear of actors and actresses that have slimmed down or bulked up for a movie, extreme body transformation is certainly possible. But for the average person who does not have personal chefs, nutritionists, dietitians and personal trainers, it is unrealistic and unnecessary for any drastic fat loss or extreme muscle gain.

The better path is to change your habits gradually, ensuring one at a time becomes ingrained into who you are.

Can you get up and run 5 miles before breakfast every day for the rest of your life?


But a better question for now might be:

Can you substitute natural fruit juice for soft drinks every day for the rest of your life?

This is a question that is easy to answer. The new habit is likely to be easy to form and once formed can be maintained for the rest of your life. Of course, you are not going to lose lots of weight or increase your fitness levels simply by substituting fresh fruit juice for soft drinks, but it would be a good start. Then you can work on the next habit.

Could you buy natural peanuts and cashew nuts instead of honey roasted, salted or baked nuts?

I think so…

Then, the healthy momentum gives you more power

After perhaps 5 of these healthy diet substitutions you will start to gain momentum. The hardest part of any task is getting started, we all know this. In the beginning of a new path we need some easy wins to reinforce our self-esteem. We need to realize that yes, we can do this, we can achieve our goals.

A few weeks or months down the road you will already be seeing and feeling the benefits of the different small sustainable changes that you have made to your everyday life.

You might not have kept up the “intense boxer aerobics master class” lessons…

But you have managed to take 3×30 minute brisk walks every week.

This is the path to sustainable life transformation. The key is to chase life and all it offers. Make changes that are easily achieved that create a snowball effect.

You are not punishing your body with a “no pain no gain” workout philosophy, you are rewarding your body by taking moderate enjoyable satisfying physical activities.

You are not starving, depriving or dieting for weight loss, you are rewarding your body by eating for fat loss, and eating nutritious, life-giving delicious foods.

Running and Fat Loss

We supplement because we want to achieve specific body goals. What we eat or drink is only part of the equation of course. Whether we want to lose weight or firm up, fat loss is a common goal.

My favorite fat loss tactic is running…

Is running the best solution for fat loss?

Running and Fat LossThis would be an interesting question amongst health professionals and personal trainers. A few might agree, but most would say that diet is the most important controlling factor for one’s body fat percentage. But few would argue that running and fat loss are perfect partners.

Running and fat loss tactics

There will be those that debate about whether interval training is better than marathon running.

Sprinters tend to be muscle-bound and have a low body fat percentage… Marathon runners certainly have a low body fat percentage…

Which is the best? Which is statistically the most beneficial for you?

For the majority of people, it does not matter, most people are doing very little exercise at all. Any regular exercise is a fantastic step on the road towards health, vitality and wellness.

From a practical point of view, running for fat loss is great. Because all you have to do is slip on a pair of running shoes, get off your ass… And… Go outside and run!

This is why running is a great idea compared to other sports or activities

This is the unbeatable reason why running for fat loss is such a great idea. The simplicity, the low-cost, and of course all of the other benefits.

Is diet more important to fat loss than running?


But it doesn’t need to be an either/or question, you can do both.

So many people procrastinate, research and look for the “best” fat loss option, then take no action at all. What is important is that you take positive action related to diet AND exercise, and what better way to exercise than to put on your running shoes and then go out for a run?

Running (and walking) has been the number one exercise for millions of years!

Every related survey and study that comes out points to the benefits of walking, and running. It is what we have been doing for hundreds of thousands of years! Perhaps millions of years.

There is nothing in the World that is more natural, more “tried and tested” than running!

When you run, it seems as if you are breaking free from the chains of society, of traffic jams and queues.

When you run, you are experiencing the same thirst for freedom that our ancestors might have experienced while running away from a dangerous animal.

When you run, you can experience exhilaration. Perhaps in a similar way to the rush of the charge into battle!

Running is ingrained into our DNA. Our bodies are “designed” for it.

Running is great for all ages and all fitness levels. You can start by simply walking fast if you like. You can alternate between running, and walking to recover.

The fitness curve rewards a runner. It is easy to go from 1000 meters to 1500, then 1500 to 2000 over time. You can increase your speed and/or distance week after week which is very satisfying. The more you practice the better you get, the farther you can go, the faster you can go, and the more health and fat loss benefits you receive.

Is running for fat loss the absolute best way to lose fat?

Maybe not… But it is one of the most practical and satisfying ways to do it…

Fat Loss Training Program

This website mainly covers topics relating to protein supplements. But every now and again there will be posts on related topics.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B0063U5DPI” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”123″]When we supplement, we are trying to improve our health and physique, the most common goal is to lose fat.

This is regardless of whether we are overweight or just trying to reduce our body fat percentage. Here is some information give you ideas for your next fat loss training program.

Whether you have no experience and haven’t got involved in any physical activity for years…

Or are training for a new physically demanding adventure such as a marathon or Iron man competition…

You will find value here.

There are 3 types of people who use a fat loss training program

  1. Those who are overweight or obese, and are relatively inactive. These people usually want to know either: Which are the training plans that will give the fastest and most effective results. Or they might want to know which are the easier training plans to start with so that they can ease themselves into a new fitness oriented lifestyle.
  2. Those who have remained fairly fit and healthy throughout their life, but have let these things lapse recently. Maybe a doctors visit showed some early signs of heart problems or diabetes. Or maybe a recent shock was experienced by stepping back onto the bathroom scales.
  3. The Third type of reader will be someone who is already healthy and fit but wants to take their training to the next level. Maybe they have hit a training ceiling or a plateau where their body has got used to the repetitive training. Maybe this already fit and healthy reader wants to find some specific training for a new venture. Maybe they are planning to enter an Iron man competition or run their first marathon.
[easyazon-block align=”center” asin=”B002YIA6SM” locale=”us”] Many training programs will be suitable for all three types of reader. For example kettlebell training and circuit training are great for beginners and seasoned athletes alike. It will be the size of the weights, the number of reps, and the overall intensity that will vary.

The 3 types of fitness enthusiasts start at different levels, but see the same level of satisfaction through their progress and increasing knowledge.

There are a ton of health, fitness, and training websites out there. There are so many choices. Most websites related to fat loss training are quite focused.

There are the sites that talk about resistance training (weight training) and bodybuilding. They are great, but tend to go into a lot of detail about different types of amino acid structures in supplements, or personal accounts of specific routines that are mind-boggling to the average person.

[easyazon-block align=”center” asin=”B003J9L70G” locale=”us”]

The important thing is to get started, to get moving. Pick a training program that looks interesting and get going with it. It is easy to over complicate things when talking about body chemistry or physiology.

In fact, it is good to make changes to your training program every 4 to 8 weeks anyway.

This keeps us moving forward and stops our body from getting into a comfort zone.

For a champion power lifter, there might not be much to read here. For the rest of us who just want to find news ways to better ourselves, the important thing is to get moving and into a good routine, we can always change later.

Fat loss training should be enjoyable

This is obviously the most important factor. Unless you have enormous levels of discipline, you need to do workout plans that are enjoyable.

Do you believe in the “no-pain-no-gain” paradigm? Recent studies have shown that you do not need to be in constant pain to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Also, if we get in the habit of associating exercise with pain then it is hard to stay committed for the long run.

[easyazon-block align=”center” asin=”7245456313″ locale=”us”]

There are those who will train really hard for a few months to develop a beach body, only to return back to square one by autumn. If we find a fat loss training program that we enjoy, we can keep going. Later we might change our program to achieve a new goal in fitness or body sculpting. But we will not be looking for a new program because we have gone back to our original unfit shape.

Fitness training should be rewarding, energizing and enjoyable.

For this to be achieved, we need to find the best fat loss training program for our level of fitness and for the results we are looking for.

In the World of fitness, the people who get the best results see their exercise regime as a lifestyle, as who they are. We can draw parallels to dieting. There are those who “go on a diet” then yo-yo back to where they started, and those who embrace a new healthy nutritious diet as part of their new lifestyle. This is how we get lasting results.

In this light we need to see our latest fat loss training program as one of many, and as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Egg white protein powder guide

For athletes and bodybuilders, the question of whether to take on extra protein from dairy or eggs is an old question. Decades old.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B0013OXDBU” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”117″]Of course, most protein requirements are fulfilled with meat for most people. But if you want to bulk up and gain lean muscle, the eggs VS dairy question is a really common one to ask.

Egg white protein powder is a more relevant option today

The question has now become far more interesting because of a few changes in trends and knowledge regarding nutrition.

There are main factors at work here:

  1. The increase in numbers of people experiencing food allergies. Plus the increase in awareness of it.
  2. The shift away from old nutritional thinking such as the food pyramid, into questions of evolutionary physiology. More and more people are switching to ancestral diets and are seeing major health boosts.
  3. The fear of eating meat, concerns over antibiotics, growth hormones and so on.

Because of these types of questions, the dairy VS egg protein debate is now far more interesting.

The old school thinking is that if you are allergic to dairy then eggs are a good protein supplement. If you are allergic to eggs then look at dairy.

HOWEVER, it is not as simple as this as people often find that they are OK with egg yolks but not with the whites. Other people find that they are fine with pure whey protein powder as it is the lactose that they can not handle.

It is certainly an interesting time to re-asses what we are eating, drinking and supplementing with.

Every day people are realizing that they are allergic to, or do not tolerate different types of food or drink. A few small changes can give a new lease of life and some long-term illnesses such as asthma or allergies can disappear if we discover what is best for us and what is bad.

Wondering what to do with your egg white protein powder? Watch this quick video for one idea:

Some common questions:

Why not just eat eggs?

Why egg white protein powder?

Isn’t the yolk the healthiest part of the egg?

These are good questions. The answer will be different for each of us. Egg yolk is very healthy, but if you are eating 10 whole eggs a day, on top of other sources of fat and protein, you might be overdoing it.

Some people prefer to eat a few whole eggs, and put some egg white protein powder into their shakes or smoothies.

Not everyone would want to eat more than one or two eggs in a day…

You might be looking at protein supplements because you have recently changed your diet. If you are now following a Paleo diet then dairy is off the list of options for you.

People who recommend a Paleo diet will tell you that dairy products are actually bad for your bones! Lactose turns into lactic acid in the stomach and needs extra bile to cancel it out, when our body is low on calcium then it takes it from our bones! Dairy has been linked to Osteoporosis!

[easyazon-block align=”center” asin=”B003757WBK” locale=”us”] Egg powder also has a better amino acid profile than whey has. There are 40 different proteins in white egg powder, so adding some to your diet could certainly fill some gaps that might have been left with your existing diet.

Egg white protein powder also contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients, which is a big plus.

Another good feature of egg white protein powder is that it has virtually no carbohydrates or fat. So it is less likely to encourage weight gain.

We now know that fats are not bad per se, but of you are trying to just increase your protein intake by supplementing, egg white powder is a good alternative to, or addition to whey powder.

Egg protein is digested quickly, like whey, and creates higher levels of satiation and therefore reduces hunger pangs. This is good if you are trying to lose fat of course.

I would never recommend switching over to any individual type of protein supplement, I believe that variety is the key to healthy eating. So the question is not whether you have to choose one type of protein powder over another, but what blend of protein sources can enhance your life and help you towards your physical goals.

Many people find that egg protein powder does not taste that great, some can detect a slight sulfur taste.

You can mix your egg powder with a different type of protein powder in the same shake. This will expand the nutritional profile and give a longer release into the bloodstream as different types of proteins take different lengths of time to digest.

[easyazon-block align=”center” asin=”B000GIST86″ locale=”us”]

Now of course, we are faced with so many choices, such as soy, hemp or brown rice protein. The key is to maximize our protein intake with whole foods first, then supplement with a mixture of powder that we can digest easily without any side effects or other potential health issues. The answer to this is individual to each of us.

Unless you are actually allergic to eggs, egg white protein powder makes a lot of sense as a protein supplement. This is the case regardless of what physical goals you are trying to achieve or what type of diet you follow in general.

(The exception to this might be vegans and fruitarians, but I guess that they will not be reading this.)

As with any kind of protein supplement, some bloating, gas or GI discomfort can occur. The best idea is to go easy if you haven’t tries egg white powder before. Make sure that you tolerate it well before you drink a lot of it.

Health and happiness VS pure measurable results

There are certainly many different ways to achieve the physical and mental results that we look for in life. If we are searching for examples of physical perfection, can we really choose between the Olympic athlete, or the healthy living yoga teacher?

If we look at wise people who deserve our respect, is the Nobel prize-winning physicist wiser than the pure intentioned community leader who has been helper and guide to families and individuals in times of hardship?

Finding that balance between results, and happiness


health and happiness

We measure results, but what we really want is to be happy. Happiness can’t be measured.

There are many different paths towards happiness, which is the answer that most people are really looking for when they think about what they really want in life. Being the strongest, fittest, smartest, richest or most famous has its attraction.

But would you swap these things if you knew that a different path would make you more happy?

What I am trying to get at, is that in life, there are the tangible achievements, and the intangible ones. It is the tangible achievements that we chase, but it is the intangible ones that we really want.

So, how do we measure something that cannot be measured?

That is a tough question…

But there are tactics that can be adopted and followed to increase the incidence of happiness in out lives.

Here is one that I have recently figured out:

Try to avoid actions that involve a recovery period

This might seem obvious in some situations, or in some cases it might seem completely wrong. I think that this is irrefutable and right on different levels and in different ways.

It is correct in relation to physical activities and actions, as well as mental ones.

The best way of explaining my hypothesis is to give different examples:

No pain no gain

We have learned to push ourselves hard in the gym or in any sports activity. The premise is that you keep pushing your boundaries of fitness… Then your performance keeps increasing.

We are now starting to understand the damage that can be done by over training, stress hormones, inflammation and so on.

I remember periods of being in permanent pain as a direct result of weight training where I would move around punishing different body parts day by day. Many runners or sports people suffer from over training, osteoporosis and recurrent injuries as a result of the “no pain no gain” philosophy.

Some great work is being done in discovering a “minimum effective dose” in order to stimulate the body to release growth hormones needed for muscle growth and repair.

There is now plenty of evidence to suggest that similar results can be seen in the gym with far fewer hours put in. There is a growing awareness that perhaps it is better to leave the gym feeling energized and refreshed, rather than worn out and nauseous.


Under this title we can include junk food, alcohol, drugs, and excess time watching TV or playing computer games. The logic of not filling our bodies with a mother lode of poison is self-explanatory.

Bingeing on worthless activities also creates issues that need to be recovered from. For example excess time playing computer games and video games will cause eye strain, mental exhaustion and bad sleep. Have you ever gone to bed, closed your eyes and seen replays of different levels of your computer games?

Then later you might dream about it as well. Sleep should be a time or replenishment and relaxation.

Your sub conscious mind should not be killing zombies.

Have you ever bought a series box set and watched 5 episodes back to back? I have. Afterwards I feel like I have wasted a day. Inertia is setting in.

Each day we are either moving towards fulfilling goals, drifting away from them, or stalled.

Each state involves conscious decisions and effort.

“Being bad”

If you make decisions that affect your close relationships, hurt others, or yourself there is fallout. For example, If you cheat on your partner, or beat your child, the consequences can last for days, weeks, months or even years. Even if the partner does not find out, or your child forgives and still loves you, the stain is there in your psyche.

We know that the mind/body is completely interconnected and you can’t really hurt your mind without hurting your body and vice versa.

The guilt of cheating might be suppressed, but the background stress and anxiety will surface in other ways.

Stress is possibly the worst thing for our health, more so than bad food or a sedentary lifestyle. When other people create stress for us, if we are in tune with reality, we can make changes to remove the stressor somehow.

If we create our own stress by “being bad” then we cannot escape, the pain travels with us. There is no alternative to the recovery period after our mistakes. We recover either by making amends, forgiving ourselves, or allowing time to do its work as the issue fades.

These are 3 of the most common examples of situations that require either a physical or mental recovery period. Since mental stress gives physical symptoms, and physical stress can affect the mind, these are one and the same thing.

I bet that any recovery period that you can think of will fit into this model. Even the apparent exceptions.

rainbowYou might ask, what about body builders or elite sports people? How can you say that no pain no gain applies?

This article is about health and happiness, not about competing at the Olympics.

(Are YOU a professional athlete? Perhaps you could tell me… I would appreciate your opinion in the comments section at the end…)

I am doubtful that really pushing our bodies or minds to their absolute limits on a regular basis really creates any long-term gains.

For example female athletes often lose fertility. Their menstrual cycle stops. Isn’t fertility a sign of health?

Champion Body Builders achieve impressive feats, but they are putting tremendous strain on their internal organs. Many also use stimulants, steroids, diuretics and other health affecting supplements. Whilst Body Builders are great examples of the awesome power and potential of the human body, the are hardly adverts for health, vitality and happiness.

What about recovery periods after hospitalization? Surely these are good?

If you make the assumption that sickness is a random occurrence, then yes, a recovery period is important. However, a vast majority of people who get sick do so because of the choices they make. The biggest killers in the western world are “lifestyle diseases” such as heart disease and diabetes.

So, living in a way that you avoid lifestyle disease is in fact avoiding “something that you need to recover from”.

There probably are exceptions to the philosophy of not doing things that you need to recover from. Of course not every illness and ailment is caused or exacerbated by the lifestyle decisions that we make. Some mistakes are only obvious in hindsight or are out of our control. The mistakes of others can cause us stress or sickness.

But as a rule to live by, I think that this is a good one. I am going to renew my efforts into not doing anything that I need to recover from. I will start with some vegetable shopping and a light run this afternoon.

I will choose vegetables instead of pastries, I will choose a light run rather than pushing myself to my limits.

What do you think?

I am not a professional health care practitioner, I am not qualified to advise anyone on physical or mental health. I am just a partly broken guy trying to fix himself whilst sharing thoughts and discoveries.

I am certainly not an expert on these things, but I am aware that I am now “middle aged” and these types of questions seem to keep coming to me. Subtly demanding an answer.

Have I missed something? Are there any good exceptions to the rule?

Please comment below if you have any insights or objections to what I have discussed…